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What Our Customers Are Saying

At Server Intellect, we take pride in being one of the leading companies in Customer Care and IT Support. We believe in providing every single customer with the same attention and care as if they were our only customer. It is that philosophy that sets us apart from other leading competitors.

I am amazed as always. I can not say enough how much I love Server Intellect. I have been with you guys since 2007 and have multiple accounts. I have never been dissatisfied with the service I receive. I also wanted to make sure you were aware how far above and beyond Tony went for me. I never expect you guys to look at my code and try to help but having some Java experience himself and giving the Server Intellect level of support, Tony requested to see my code to see if he could help. While it ultimately took some deeper digging, Tony stuck with me through the whole process and really did more than his part to assist me. I want to make sure you guys recognize his willingness to assist customers and that this is the precise reason I always recommend Server Intellect. I am a programmer of many types and do a lot of websites, I will not use anyone else and force my clients to use you before I will work for them. PLEASE keep up this level of service so us small business guys can have such excellent support. Sometimes this can make or break our businesses as we all know how important uptime is in this day and age. Again, Thank You!StoreIcon AdminStoreIcon.com
I was extremely happy for the help I received… I was on a camping trip, and could only chat with my cell phone (very slow). The person who helped me was very comprehensive, and fixed everything very fast. My server was back up and running in no time. Could relax, and get back to my family. Really extremely satisfied.Frank – ErosQuebec
For such a huge project, your support team made it as smooth as possible. Moving 54 domains email accounts, settings, etc. went almost without any glitches and when one was found; you team jumped right on it! After 11 years of providing web design services and two other hosting companies prior to Server Intellect; the decision to have our services through you was the best decission we have ever made! With over 300 web sites that we host, Server Intellect has provided the best support services of any hosting company! Thank you!Steve Trebon – Owner-Advaia, Inc.
Tony’s knowledge was outstanding. We have been in the web hosting business a long time and have decided to move our systems to a third party. Server Intellect has made the transition a smooth and comfortable one for both us and our clients.Would Rather Remain Anonymous
As usual, you sorted out the problem quick-smart. I am continually impressed that you aren’t just helpful when I’m having a server issue, but when I have issues with some of the things installed on my server. Most other companies would be happy to say, Not our problem, and leave novices like me to flounder, but not Server Intellect. You’ve never been less that professional, super-helpful, and friendly. Bonus: You’ve never once been condescending to me. That’s rare.Kim S-R
The most professional and best service you could ever get. I have been with Server Intellect for last 10 years and every time I needed help my experience has been highest rating … Keep the great job going…Sameer Khan
I launched my online startup business with server intellect over 6 years ago. Customer service has always been excellent and one of the reasons we continue to do business here. Thanks again.Chris FulliloveRipCharts
I was wanted to let you know that you guys are the best hosting company out there. Period. I’ve worked with lots of companies over the years and your support is leagues beyond better than anyone else. Thanks for the great service and keep up the good work!Courtney Ringer – Lead DeveloperWhiteshark Creations
Greetings, We are a long-time customer of Server Intellect and have always been pleased with the support offering from your organization. Recently we completed some site migrations over the past few weeks, requiring us to interface almost hourly with your sales and support staff. To say that your team was outstanding is putting is an understatement. Noah, Chris, Curt and the entire rest of the team we dealt with were exceptional. I was totally blown away by your commitment to assist a customer, attention to detail, and promptness in response. THIS is the reason you are light-years ahead of your hosting competitors, and the reason that we chose to stay with Server Intellect. Thanks for providing such great service to your customers.Kevinfrontieroutfitters.com
I received an email and also a phone message today (in Australia) from SI asking if all was well with my account. I’ve been a VPS customer for about a week now. To say I am happy is an understatement. I’m extremely pleased I decided to move to SI. You have truly exceeded my expectations in every way. I have not dealt with any organization anywhere with better customer service and support to date. Please thank all those who’ve helped so quickly and effectively with the few technical setup inquiries I submitted, and everyone at Server Intellect.Alex Hoffman
I’ve been with all the major .NET web hosts and by far Server Intellect has been my best experience. They have been very accommodating and helpful as I set up my e-commerce store. I also run a 12,000 member community and the performance has always been top-notch. Customer service is always very fast and friendly.Angela McCormickAttachedToBaby.com
I COULDN’T BE MORE PLEASED !!!!!! The support staff has treated me as if I were the only customer you have. Response time on tickets is phenomenal. They are ALWAYS pleasant to talk to, and helpful with explanations. After the TERRIBLE shared-hosting environment I left, ServerIntellect is wonderful to be involved with. Thank you for all your support.Breck CogdillRaven Intertech
This is our first real experience with a web hosting company. I did my homework searching many hosting providers, read reviews, and couldn’t find one that was able to compete with the products, prices, and reviews I found with Server Intellect. So far, it has been a great experience. If I had a question or problem, tech support was there, and had answers in minutes, not days. I don’t think I’d be able to find support like this anywhere else.Brian Chavezbitarmory.com
Server Intellect very quickly fulfilled my request for additional bandwidth. Indeed, the service request was filled the same day. I am so impressed that I will move my other dedicated servers from another hosting company to Server Intellect in the next 45 days. Internet hosting has become a commodity service. The thing that distinguishes an excellent hosting company from the others is excellent customer service. Service Intellect is an excellent hosting company.Gerry Lockhart
We have used Server Intellect for many years mainly using shared space, when the need arose to update to a full dedicated server it did not take me long to decide which company I wanted to use. I am really happy with the way that the new server is running and the support I receive when needed from your team. Sorry I can’t help you with improvements, price is the only thing I can think of and your prices are already good. Keep up the good work.Nic Jackson
We’ve been working with you guys for about 3-4 months now, and I felt it was time to let you know how satisfied we are. We are developers, and having worked with quite a few different hosting companies over the last 10 years, you are the best! Every time we’ve needed something your entire team has been very responsive. Probably the most impressive, was the time I called around midnight on a weekend, and got someone on the phone that spent the time with me to make sure I had what I needed. Anyway, the interaction we’ve had with everyone at Server Intellect has been exactly what anyone in business strives for…excellent!!! Congratulations on such a great team, and on having developed processes that works so well for your clients.Denny JohnsonSOFTRITE Technology, Inc.
I don’t normally do this but you guys just blow me away. I support several different web sites and have used several different hosts over the years – Interland, 1and1, GoDaddy, Flashnet, etc. The support you guys provide is so good it’s almost mind boggling. Calls are worked in an unbelievably short time, server uptime is great, the service you provide is phenomenal. In a day and age where it’s more often than not, difficult to even *communicate* with the support personnel, you guys go above and beyond to provide excellent service. Kudos for the great job you guys do – I greatly appreciate it!Brian Haddock
I’ve been with Server Intellect for almost two years. After two years I’m even more satisfied that I was in the beginning. Every time I called for any question they make me feel different. They make me feel special. Service and features are constantly improving. Excellent service, I would recommend this company to all my clients or anyone interesting in hosting a site!Henry DaneshvarHiring Nurse Group
Since I moved my site to Server Intellect I have had only positive comments from the site visitors and from me personally after trying more than half a dozen service providers. The features I got on the package, plus the great customer service is totally unmatched by any of my previous experiences. I already referred two businesses to be hosted by Server Intellect in the last month and they are extremely satisfied with the service and the great response from their servers.Fernando Aranguizlabisagra.com
I have had many experiences with web hosting companies in the past. Having been dissatisfied with almost all of them, I made the decision to switch to Server Intellect. As I was a complete new comer to dedicated hosting, I had so many trivial questions, and inquiries, but the support team at Server Intellect always responded to all my inquiries almost instantly. The Support team at Server Intellect is by far the most friendly, responsive, and knowledgeable support team I have ever dealt with in the hosting industry. Server Intellect may not be the cheapest out there, but paying a premium fee and receiving a 100% assurance that my corporate online presence is backed up by such outstanding company is worth it.Osamah Alabdullah
I’ve been in the business since 1964 and have worked in all areas, from sales to the technical side, from technician to CEO. In all those years, I’ve never dealt with a more competent, courteous and helpful group of people. From the start, your sales lady was a smash. She put up with all my probing, sometimes not pertinent questions, in a helpful cheerful fashion. Due to her attitude, your company was added to my short list of possible vendors. Once signed up and running, I deluged your tech support department and was astounded at the immediacy of their response and willingness to help, even when we both knew my problem or question was not their problem, but something to which I should have known the answer were I skilled enough in the discipline. Knowing there were areas of understanding in which I was deficient, I asked to pay for one-on-one support for which I expected to pay. I was super gratified to have your sales lady and head of tech support be so receptive to the idea. The resulting session was absolutely excellent and helped us get started on the right foot. Imagine my pleasant surprise when the charge for the extra service was ridiculously low. I’ve specifically refrained from mentioning names lest I forget one of them. They are all great, dedicated professionals. If you are the guy running Server Intellect, hats off to you as a top exec.John PoseyUSAF Auxilliary
Help and advice was quick and efficient! Friendly as well as knowledgeable support staff… Excellent service!! I have dealt with quite a few hosting companies in my time…and Server Intellect is by FAR the best…so well done guys!! Keep it up!!PJ Smitsdorff – Cube Forest (Owner)

Having received thousands of bits of praise over the years, it’s way too much to list on this single page. Please see what some of our customers are saying about Server Intellect and visit our Server Intellect Review site for even more insight into what makes Server Intellect special.

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