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Meet The Team

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Our Team: At Your Service

We guarantee that you will have a hard time finding a more intelligent, committed, and friendly group than the team at Server Intellect. 100% of our employees are U.S. based and work from our corporate headquarters in Orlando, FL. For over 10 years, our team has designed, engineered, and supported thousands of servers in data centers worldwide. We all share the common philosophy of treating each and every customer like they are our only customer.

The Server Intellect Team

We're Here 24/7/365

We’re Here 24/7/365

We never leave. There are always multiple technicians working from our office in Orlando, FL 24/7/365.

We're the Server Experts

We’re the Server Experts

Every employee has years of experience, is fully certified, and has a true passion for IT Management.

Your Trusted IT Partner

Your Trusted IT Partner

Once you deal with Server Intellect, you’ll finally understand the meaning of having a Trusted IT Partner.

Real Solutions, Real People

Real Solutions, Real People

You can pick up the phone, ask for us by name, and work with real people who know you and your business.

We're Proud of Us

We’re Proud of Us

We all show up to work proud of what we do and eager to assist you. We are true engineers, problem solvers, and server solution experts.

You Will Be Too

You Will Be Too

We’re confident that after you experience the Server Intellect difference, you’ll be a fan for life. We won’t stop until you are.

We're All Really Friendly

We’re All Very Friendly

Friendliness is something every Server Intellect employee has an abundance of. We wouldn’t have hired them if they didn’t.

But Even Experts Are Shy

But Even Experts Are Shy

It’s true. Not everyone loves the camera, but hey, you need us to love servers right? We’ve got you covered there!

We're Perfectionists

We’re Perfectionists

We all strive for perfection in everything we do. We feel that is our most important promise to you. We never stop trying until our goals are reached.

And We all Care Deeply

We All Care Deeply

You’re not just a number to us. We take the time to get to know our customers and they know us. We’re an extension of your business.

We're Detail Oriented

We’re Detail Oriented

What separates average from extraordinary are the details. Each team member is fully committed to perfection in everything we do.



One thing we are not is Server Cowboys. We tend to take a more conservative approach, which our customers really appreciate.

Servers, Yes! Pool? Nah.

Servers, Yes! Pool? Nah.

Database Cluster Failing? No Problem! Cue Ball stuck in the corner? D’oh! At least it’s fun to play during lunch breaks and looks cool.

We're Real People

We’re Real People

We’re a group of friendly, intelligent server experts who truly love what we do. We’re committed to helping make things easier for you.

Even Face to Face

Even Face-To-Face

We sit behind a computer for 12 hours a day, but that doesn’t mean we don’t mind meeting face-to-face. Stop by and let’s discuss your next solution.

We Would Love to Chat

We Would Love to Chat

In person, over the phone, or even through e-mail, we would love to chat. We’re the problem solvers, the solution experts, and your IT Partner.

Pleased to Meet You!

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