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Cloud Use Cases

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Complex Development Environments

Public cloud servers provide a stable and powerful platform for developing applications. With rapid provisioning, developers can spin testing environments in seconds. Build up, tear down, and store data for later; the public cloud empowers development teams with much needed computing agility.

Disaster Recovery

The decentralized nature of a cloud environment creates a platform that is disaster recovery ready. Add geo-load balancing for a disaster recovery solution that spans continents.

ERP Solutions

Cloud-sourced Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) comes with a wide range of benefits over the more traditional approaches. ERPs operating in an enterprise cloud solution offer a fast standardized means of deploying. Cloud-based ERP solutions offer lower IT costs, anywhere availability, and increased collaboration and report syncing not found in traditional approaches.


The elasticity of the cloud provides the perfect backdrop for e-commerce workloads. E-commerce solutions in the cloud benefit from reduced costs and can expand to meet the needs of increased demands, whether they are planned increases or sudden spikes in growth.


Public cloud infrastructure creates a solid foundation for providing SaaS solutions because they are able to rapidly scale resources and help SaaS firms when it comes to intense resource workloads, such as pushing out patches or handling large periods of growth.


Microsoft SharePoint is an innovative way for businesses and employees to collaborate and share their ideas from anywhere around the world. Take control of your large scaled enterprise projects by utilizing SharePoint to help publish, organize, and distribute your files to fellow co-workers or people outside your network. Project collaboration has never been easier with new and improved social integration features that can help support employee communication and productivity.


Microsoft Exchange has been one of the most trusted names in business e-mails and network communications for the past decade. It has helped companies increase productivity while safely maintaining confidential information by utilizing helpful tools such as Data Loss Prevention. With a strong foundation and with years of innovative features, Microsoft Exchange has proven time and time again to be the number one choice for enterprising businesses.

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