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  • Icon Active Directory

    Windows Server 2003 Migration Guide

    The end of support (EOS) for the Windows Server 2003 OS will occur July 14, 2015. Over a decade has passed since the release of Windows Server 2003, and it’s testament to the stability of the OS that a large number of companies continue to …

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  • 10-years-ago

    More Than 10 Years Ago

    When I started Server Intellect more than 10 years ago, I started it with the goal to do things differently. My goal was to consistently go Above and Beyond for my customers. I wanted to treat customers the way I wanted to be treated. I …

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  • SSD Next Generation

    Solid State Drives (SSD): Next Generation

    Did you know that one of the most likely things slowing your server down could be the hard drive? Every server has a “bottleneck” – some piece of hardware that limits the maximum efficiency of the other parts of the server. In most newer servers, …

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  • History of Windows

    Brief History of Microsoft Windows Desktop

    The world’s most popular operating system that first launched in the form of Microsoft Windows 1.0 in November of 1985. In the years after that, it quickly became ubiquitous in the world of computing. Today, Windows is used all over the world in dozens of …

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  • Cloud Hosting for Small Businesses

    Cloud Hosting Plays Key Role for Small Businesses

    When starting a business from scratch, it can be a very expensive and time-consuming process. From the various tax forms that need to be filled out to the high costs associated with starting a business and renting property, it can be quite difficult. Most new …

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  • Cloud Hosting For Disaster Recovery

    The Benefits of Using Cloud Hosting for Disaster Recovery Purposes

    Over the last year and a half, people all over the world have faced the devastating consequences of natural and manmade disasters. From the BP oil spill in 2010 to the recent earthquakes in Japan, it seems like these types of events are happening more …

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  • Ways that Cloud Hosting can Help Your Business

    How can cloud hosting help your business? Many individuals are still unfamiliar with what cloud computing is, how it functions and why it has been gaining popularity over the past few years. To begin with, cloud computing has been around for a fairly long time. …

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  • Mixing Cloud Hosting with Current IT Infrastructures

    Since the cloud hosting discussion began, two main campshave emerged. The first camp believes cloud computing is an absolute must. Thisgroup of people thinks that companies that do not move to this “platform of thefuture” run the risk of being left behind. The other camp …

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  • Does Your Business Have a Disaster Recovery Plan in Place?

    With IT budgets shrinking and Recovery Time Objectives shortening, businesses are being forced to think of ways to recover critical information quickly and affordably, in the wake of a disastrous event. According to a recent article on EnterpriseStorageForum.com, online backup in the cloud supports cost-effective …

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  • Website Monitoring Services Keep Your Business Online

    If your website becomes unavailable, even for a short amount of time, you could experience losses in revenue and customer satisfaction. And, due to the highly competitive nature of web-based businesses, there’s an unwavering need to keep customers satisfied with easy-to-use, efficient websites. In order …

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