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More Than 10 Years Ago

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More Than 10 Years Ago

When I started Server Intellect more than 10 years ago, I started it with the goal to do things differently.

My goal was to consistently go Above and Beyond for my customers. I wanted to treat customers the way I wanted to be treated. I wanted to Wow them with every interaction.

I wanted my customers to think:

WOW, that was amazing Service. They didn’t have to do that for me, but they did. They really care. They went above and beyond. These guys really care about my business.

That’s honestly what I want all of our customers to say after every single interaction.

We are selling servers, but in reality, we are selling Service. Our #1 goal is to Wow our customers.

This weekend I looked through our survey results which we send out after every single ticket. It is a very powerful feeling to see thousands of comments praising our Team, and seeing how our customers recognize and appreciate everything we do for them.

It’s nice to know that even though I am not able to answer tickets and interact with my customers on a daily basis like I did 10 years ago, that my team is doing a good job of following the principles on which Server Intellect was founded.

Here are a few recent random quotes of over 2,300 reviews of our service.


Eric Pratt
Founder & CEO

Sunday 11/10/2013


Everything about the support is outstanding – best I’ve experienced with any company, ever!


For such a huge project, your support team made it as smooth as possible. Moving 54 domains email accounts, settings, etc. went almost without any glitches and when one was found; you team jumped right on it! After 11 years of providing web design services and two other hosting companies prior to Server Intellect; the decision to have our services through you was the best decision we have ever made! With over 300 web sites that we host, Server Intellect has provided the best support services of any hosting company! Thank you!


I’m so impressed with the customer and technical support. Everyone has gone the extra mile. Moving to a new hosting company is a tricky, scary experience, but SI has alleviated all of my concerns.


First time I spoke with a customer service agent and I was shocked, I am speaking to people that care. I think you guys run a great operation and have a outstanding customer support service.


you guys constantly over-deliver on our needs and expectations – thanks


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