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The Benefits of Using Cloud Hosting for Disaster Recovery Purposes

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Cloud Hosting For Disaster Recovery

The Benefits of Using Cloud Hosting for Disaster Recovery Purposes

Over the last year and a half, people all over the world have faced the devastating consequences of natural and manmade disasters. From the BP oil spill in 2010 to the recent earthquakes in Japan, it seems like these types of events are happening more frequently and with more intensity than ever. Of all the lessons these disasters have taught people, one resonates with business owners the most: using cloud hosting for disaster recovery purposes helps companies and their employees through these difficult times. Here are some of the benefits this solution has to offer:

Backups in multiple locations
Cloud hosting makes it easier than ever to store and retrieve critical data during disaster recovery. In the past, businesses used disk backups that needed to be stored onsite. If a natural disaster such as a flood or tornado hit the office building these disks would be destroyed along with the computers. Now, cloud hosting technology allows companies to backup their data in a remote location and access it from anywhere for maximum security and recovery time.

Automated protection
Cloud hosting services allow companies to choose how often data is backed up. There is even an option to backup data as it is created which ensures nothing is lost in the event of a disaster. This disaster recovery plan makes data security one less thing that managers need to worry about in the face of adversity. Whether the data was stored the day before the disaster or a year prior to that, it is readily available so businesses can continue their operations and resume a sense of normalcy as quickly as possible.

A disaster recovery plan is considered a cheap form of insurance. In keeping along with the affordable nature of a DRP, cloud services are a cost-effective way to store critical information. Not only does the cloud hosting company maintain the hardware, which cuts back on IT costs, but the time businesses save on backing up their data reduces operating costs as well. Should a disaster occur, this frees up time, money, and other important resources for the best possible recovery process. No one can predict the next Chilean earthquake or Indonesian tsunami, but companies can protect themselves from the damage brought on by these types of disasters by creating, documenting, and testing a DRP including cloud hosting solutions.

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