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Mixing Cloud Hosting with Current IT Infrastructures

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Mixing Cloud Hosting with Current IT Infrastructures

Since the cloud hosting discussion began, two main campshave emerged. The first camp believes cloud computing is an absolute must. Thisgroup of people thinks that companies that do not move to this “platform of thefuture” run the risk of being left behind. The other camp is full of skeptics, who viewthis cloud hosting “solution” as more of security problem than anything else.

Why does cloud hosting have to be so black and white? Theanswer is: It doesn’t.
The misconception about cloud computing is that it rendersexisting IT systems obsolete. The truth is that businesses that add cloudhosting solutions shouldn’t abandon their existing IT infrastructures. Instead,they can be used to compliment current servers and software in a way that boostsROI, and allows businesses to take advantage of the other benefits that cloudhosting has to offer.

While many businesses have made the switch to cloudcomputing – whether fully or partially – others are still reluctant. For companiesthat are hesitant to take the first step, experts in the industry recommendtrying to move to cloud hosting solutions gradually. This can be done by simplytesting the model, using it on non-critical data is a safe way to begin the process.As business owners start to see the benefits of data backup, website hosting,and other solutions, they might be more confident that cloud hosting offersmore for less.
Cloud hosting is more like an ever-evolving shade of grey,than a black and white issue. Whether or not businesses fully integrate theircurrent IT infrastructures with cloud hosting solutions or simply use them toenhance certain parts of their existing systems, one thing is certain: this”platform of the future” is more like the platform of the present –and it is here to stay.

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