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Server Solutions

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Windows Server Hosting Solutions

Order fully managed Windows servers built and customized precisely for your business. No complex installations, no more doubts about whether your server is configured correctly, no more maintenance or security nightmares. Let the Windows Server Hosting Experts take it from here.

  • Completely Customized
  • Performance Optimized
  • Best Practice Security
  • Fully Managed
  • Configured by Experts
  • Ready in 24 Hours or Less
  • Fixed ‘One Price’ Billing
  • No Hidden Charges
  • No Unexpected Overages

Dedicated Servers

Dedicated servers provide a blend of high-powered performance and on-demand deployment.

Starting at

$299 / month

Cloud Servers

Cloud servers offer elasticity, allowing you to resize and scale up or down at any time.

Starting at

$199 / month
Windows Server Solutions
View our full line of custom configured server solutions tailored to your specific business needs.
Windows Cloud Servers
Windows Cloud Servers
Flexible, redundant, and scalable servers that are perfect for growing ASP.NET or PHP web applications on IIS.
Starting at $199
100% Managed
Windows Dedicated Servers
Windows Dedicated Servers
A dedicated server is the best choice for enterprise Windows web hosting. Unlimited possibilities and maximum performance.
Starting at $299
100% Managed
Dedicated Windows Web Servers
Windows Dedicated Web Servers
View our recommendations for high performance dedicated IIS web servers that are fully configured and turn-key ready.
Starting at $299
100% Managed
Windows Dedicated Domain Controllers
Windows Dedicated Domain Controllers
The Windows Domain Controller is the heart of Active Directory. These servers are fully customized precisely for your business.
Starting at $299
100% Managed
Windows Dedicated Database Servers
Windows Dedicated Database Servers
Performance optimized, expert configured Microsoft Windows SQL Server or MySQL database server ready in 24 hours or less.
Starting at $359
100% Managed
Dedicated Windows File Servers
Windows Dedicated File Servers
Windows File Servers utilizing high-performance hard drives or network SAN storage for maximum performance and flexibility.
Starting at $339
100% Managed
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