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Server Monitoring

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Proactive Monitoring and Response

Server Monitoring

Are you 100% sure that your server is performing exactly as it should be? With Server Intellect’s Server Monitoring, you’ll get professional tools for 24/7 server surveillance that will instantly notify your list of contacts. You can even choose to have our Expert Support team receive alerts and take immediate action to remedy the problem. Get reliable monitoring and never worry about server downtime again.

  • Hardware Monitoring
  • Server Events Monitor
  • File Monitoring
  • CPU Usage Monitor
  • Web Monitoring
  • Performance Monitor

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Professional Monitoring Services

Don’t let your server downtime go unnoticed. Server Intellect provides Professional Hardware Monitoring tools that make it easy, fast, and reliable to view all aspects of your server’s hardware. Get instant notifications, expert support response, and server statistics with intervals as frequent as every 60 seconds to ensure that your server is running at optimal speeds.

CPU Report

CPU Monitor

Server Monitoring Desktop App

Server Monitoring Desktop Application

Disk Performance Monitor

Disk Performance Monitor

Multiple Disk Usage Monitor

Multiple Disk Usage Monitor

File Watcher

File Watcher

RAM/Memory Report

RAM/Memory Report

Server Events Monitor

Server Events Monitor

Web Monitoring

Web Monitoring

How It Works

Site Monitoring

Know that everything is running appropriately and save yourself embarrassing calls from customers or angry clients telling you that critical services are unavailable. They expect you to know that things are in good working order; now, you can reassure them that you do.

Monitoring your hardware will bring you reassurance and the guarantee that your server will be up and running 24/7/365. Your customers expect your site is always operational 24/7 and our hardware monitoring will provide that assurance for you.

Custom Notifications

You have the power to custom configure your methods of contact. Specify an e-mail address or create an entire list of contacts to notify. You can even have our Expert Support team receive alerts and have them take immediate action to solve the issue.

Notifications are sent via email immediately when an error has been detected by our monitoring services.

Alert Responses

If you can’t immediately respond to an alert, you don’t need to worry. In addition to being able to customize personal alerts, our technical support team will be receiving alerts too. Unless otherwise specified, they’ll begin to take action to resolve any issues immediately.

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