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CDP Backups: Disk Space Walk-Through

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CDP Backups: Disk Space Walk-Through

This document will cover how to check and monitor the disk size of your backup service per server, and a general walk-through of the disk safe process.

Once logged into the CDP backup dashboard, click on ‘Disk Safes’ on the left side on the dashboard:

1) In the center of you screen, you will now see the disk safe for each of servers. You can click on any of them to highlight and view more information on them below this window.

2) You will have several tabs to choose from. They include ‘Settings’, ‘Data Settings’, ‘Devices’, ‘Limits’, and ‘Statistics’.

• Settings is a general review of how the Disk Safe is configured

• Data Settings shows the compression level currently set and any extra encryption set

• Devices gives you a visual display of which drives are being backed up

• Limits shows you the set limits on total backup size

• Statistics shows you the current data on the disk safe, including ‘On Disk Size’ and ‘Deltas’. More on that below.

The ‘Deltas’ are the true amount of disk space taken by your compressed backups and thus is what we bill on. We bill per 10 gigs of space being used on these. The ‘On Disk Size’ shows the ‘Deltas’ plus space allocated for the next image of your server, which is why we do not charge with this as the basis as it is extra space being used to help CDP complete the next backup.

3) These tabs allow you to view but not make changes. To make changes to the disk safe, go back up to the highlighted section above and click on the ‘Paper and Pencil’ icon at the end of the line you choose. This will open a new window where you can make changes to the disk safe.

• The ‘Settings’ tab: We suggest that you do not make changes here.

• The ‘Data Settings’ tab: Here you change the compression level on your backups. They are as follows:

    QuickLZ is the most compressed but uses the most resources on the server.

    ZLib also has Low, Medium, and high. ZLib is less compressed and can be further tuned using these settings,

    high being the highest compression at this level.

    None there isn’t any compression at this level, resulting in larger backups but almost no system resources at


• ‘Limits’ tab. Most settings in here do not need changed but the Quotas settings can be altered, if desired. Switch the Quota type to ‘On Disk Size’ and then you can choose the amount for a Soft and Hard quote below. When the Soft quota is reached, the backup service will warn us every time a backup is made and if the hard quota is reached, no more backups will be possible. We do not suggest changing these yourself and instead asking for us to assist you with this as it can result in loss of backups.

Any changes will affect how your backups perform, can increase or decrease the space they take on our host servers, and can even limit or stop the backups from working at all, so please use caution with these settings, and always feel free to contact Technical Support for assistance.

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