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CDP Backups: Service and Settings Overview

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CDP Backups: Service and Settings Overview

This document was written as an overview on the general settings and policies assigned to your backup service. Below will describe how to view the backup disk safe and policies for all of your servers.

To see general detail on your backups:

1) Once logged into the backup service, click on “Servers” in the left hand controls.

2) Select the server you wish to examine on the right and click on it to high light it.

3) Below the servers listed, you will see a number of tabs:

    A) Details: This covers general information on the server and the CDP backup service.

    B) Disk Safes: Covers the backup storage disk for your server(s).

    C) Policies: Covers the scheduled backup settings.

    D) Groups: Not used.

    E) Users: The user assigned to manage the backup services.

The “Disk Safe” and “Policies” tabs also can be examined in closer detail for more information:

1) “Disk Safe” can be examined by clicking the magnifying glass at the end of the data column:

    A) The “Settings” tab shows general information.

    B) “Data Settings” shows compression level and encryption type.

    C) The “devices” tab shows which drives are being backed up.

    D) “Limits” will show any limits in place on the backups and features engaged.

    E) “Statistics” are the general statistics of the backups. Please note that we bill by the “Deltas” amount here.

2) The “Policies” tab can be examined by clicking the notepad at the end of the data column:

    A) The “Policy Settings” tab covers general settings such as time the backup launches.

    B) “Data Retention” shows the number of days or “points” worth of backups exist.

    C) “File Excludes” is for general file exclusions.

    D) The “Advanced Excludes” covers more comprehensive exclusions.

    E) “SQL Server” is not currently used.

    F) “Exchange” is not currently used.

    G) “MySQL” is not currently used.

    H) “Control Panels” is not currently used.

    I) The ‘Advanced Policy Settings” tab is mostly just used for setup options by us.

Please note that even though several tabs above are unused, these items and services are backed up as well by the main services.

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