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CDP Backups: How To Configure File Exclusions

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CDP Backups: How To Configure File Exclusions

The following document goes over how to reduce overall backup size by allowing you to setup and configure file and folder exclusions within your backup service.

To change folder and file exclusions:

1) Once logged into the CDP control panel, click on “Policies” in the left hand panel.

2) Select the server you wish to work on and click the edit button (Notepad and pencil icon) to the right of the server name.

3) This will open the “Edit Policy” window. For basic exclusions, click the “File Excludes” tab.

4) You can expand the drive(s) by double clicking the icon next to the drive name. You may also root down through the directories listed under the drive by double clicking the folder image in front of the folder.

5) Choose what you wish to exclude and check the box in front of the older/file. Anything checked will be excluded from backups.

6) Once done, click the “Save” button to save your work.

Advanced excludes:

1) Follow the steps above and once in the “Edit Policy” window, click the “Advanced Excludes” tab.

2) Type in the pattern you wish to exclude ie… if you wish to exclude all .log files from backups for example, you would enter “/*.log” in the Pattern line and then click “Add”. You may also exclude absolute paths as well (C:\windows\system32) by adding these. Once done, click “Save”.

Please keep in mind that if you exclude Operating system needed files, we will not be able to restore the OS in case of a failure. Some of the folders needed include Windows, Program Files, Users, etc… If you are only concerned about data, not being able to restore the entire OS, these options will function very well for you.

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