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  • Two-Factor Setup

    How to Setup Two-Factor Authentication through Unity

    Platform: Mobile and Web Application Difficulty: Easy Estimated Completion Time: 5m + Updated: 7/17/2013 This article will explain how to setup Two-Factor Authentication for your servers through Unity Control Panel. Step 1 First you will need to login to your unity account. Go to https://unity.serverintellect.com, …

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  • SQL Agent Jobs: Creating a Scheduled Database Backup Plan

    Prerequisites Microsoft SQL Server (Any edition but Express) Procedure RDP onto the server Connect to the SQL server using SQL Server Management Studio. You need administrative access so use Windows credentials or the SA account Expand the Management section Right-click on Maintenance Plans and choose …

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  • How do I Restore a Database Backup using SQL Server Management Studio?

    Connect to the database server with SQL Server Management Studio. Expand Databases. Right click on your database. Select Tasks -> Restore -> Database. Select From device. Click the small gray ‘…’ box. Click Add. Enter the path and file of the backup, or browse to …

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  • How do I Enable Session State for my SQL Server Database?

    Enabling the ASP.NET Session State for your SQL Server databases is available across all platforms of our service. Please note that for Dedicated, Private Cloud and Legacy Virtual Server customers, this process can be completed without the need for interaction with a support technician, however …

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  • How do I Create a Database and User in SQL Server Management Studio?

    Open SQL Server Management Stduio and connect to the database server as a sysadmin. This can be done by logging on locally using Windows Authentication, or externally by using the ‘sa’ credentials. Right-click on “Database” and select “New Database“. Enter the name of your database …

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  • How do I Connect to a Database using SQL Server Management Studio?

    Start SQL Server Management Studio. If you do not have a copy of SQL Server Management Studio, you can download the free Express Edition directly from Microsoft. The current version, SQL Server Management Studio 2012, is compatible with MS SQL 2005, 2008, and 2012. Fill …

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  • How do I Attach a Database to SQL Server using SQL Server Management Studio?

    Open SQL Server Management Studio and connect to the database server as a sysadmin, or with Windows Authentication. Right-click on “Databases” object in Management Studio. Click “Attach“. Click “Add“. Browse to the database data file you wish to attach. Confirm the location of the data …

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  • How do I Backup my SQL Server 2005 Database using TSQL?

    First connect to SQL Server Management Studio, either locally using Remote Desktop or externally. You will need to update the database name and folder path in the script for the database you want to backup. In this example, the variables are ‘AdventureWorks’ and ‘C:\PathToBackupFolder\backupname.bak’. USE …

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  • Database: Connecting Remotely to SQL Server

    Server Intellect offers a variety of SQL server licenses, and these all allow for remote connections. Please note that for security reasons, by default Server Intellect locks down the SQL port to the private network. If you need to connect via the public network you …

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