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  • Creating Custom Views In Event Viewer

    Step 1 Launch Event Manager: Start -> Run -> eventvwr.msc Step 2 In the Event Viewer Expand “Windows Logs” section: Step 3 From the logs select the particular log type you want to filter, for this example we’ll use the Security log. You will then …

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  • IIS7 Static and Dynamic compression

    IIS7 Static and Dynamic Compression IIS7 allows you to easily adjust your Static and Dynamic compression. Step 1 Once you have opened the IIS7 manager, you can choose a single domain, or the entire server and click on the “Compression” icon Step 2 You will …

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  • IIS7 IPv4 and Domain restrictions

    Setting up IPv4 and Domain restrictions is a simple task in IIS7. Step 1 Once you are logged into the server and open up IIS7, you can choose any site running or the entire IIS server. Once you choose the IPv4 Address and Domain Restrictions …

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  • Install IIS7 Manager Console on Windows XP & Vista SP1

    IIS 7 Remote Manager is available for Both Windows XP, and Windows Vista SP1 or later. Here’s the step-by-step tutorial on installing IIS7 Manager on Windows Vista SP1: Download the Remote Manager installer from: 32 bit (x86) – http://www.iis.net/go/1626 64 bit (x64) – http://www.iis.net/go/1633 If …

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  • How to set SSL bindings for a site in IIS7

    Step 1 Open IIS by navigating to ‘Start –> Administrative Tools –> Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager’. Once IIS Manager has opened, on the left side click on the site for which you would like to add or edit the SSL bindings.  Then choose Bindings… on the …

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  • Setting Default Documents in IIS7

    Step 1 Adding a Default document to IIS7 is quick and easy. This article will show you how to add and prioritize these documents. You will first want to log in to IIS on the server. Once there, expand the “website” tree and select the …

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  • IIS 7.0 Database Manager

    This article is an overview of the IIS 7.0 Database Manager installation and configuration on Windows 2008. The installation of the Database manager is a pretty simple process. Once you have downloaded th installation file, you will just run the Wizard and the installation runs. Hassle …

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  • When to use Integrated and Classic Pipeline Mode for IIS 7.0

    The Integrated Pipeline is one of the new features of Internet Information Services (IIS) version 7. It allows your HttpModules to participate in all requests, including those for static content, PHP pages and images. The Classic Pipeline works just like IIS 6.0. All requests pass …

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  • How to Create a Remote Desktop User

    Step 1 First navigate to the ‘Server Manager‘. Start –> Right-Click Computer –> Manage. Step 2 Once in the ‘Server Manager’ Expand Configuration –> Local Users and Groups>Users. Step 3 Right-Click ‘Users‘ then select ‘New User‘ Step 4 Make sure to fill the user name and …

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  • Disable UAC in Windows Server 2008

    If you are new to Windows Server 2008, then you are probably wondering why you are getting “Permission Denied” errors when attempting to even open your C drive folder. To help prevent malicious software from silently installing and causing computer-wide infection, Microsoft developed a feature …

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