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Unity Features

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Unity Features Unity comes stocked with helpful tools and features to customize your hosting solution.

Accounts and Billing

Update account profile

Add contacts and multiple users

Adjust billing info and payment options

Print, download, or view invoices as HTML or PDF

View pending invoices

Make secure payments through Unity

Receive notifications for updates and special offers

Hosting Services

Manage and view simple site hosting services

View and edit DNS records

View site statistics and usage

Edit domain aliases, MIME types, IIS users

Increase your site’s resources instantly

Install and configure web applications

Add, backup, and restore your database

Server Manager

View installed software and credentials

Reboot server remotely

Backup server using EVault or CDP disaster recovery

Manage monthly proactive server maintenance

Manage reverse DNS

Perform vulnerability scans

Edit and manage two-factor for RDP server login


Edit and configure account settings

Configure two-factor authentication settings

Create a list of allowed IP addresses for Unity

Get instant security update notifications

Create secure SSL-VPN logins

Manage your server’s firewall settings


24/7/365 support ticketing system

View pending and previously closed topics

Quick and friendly response

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